How To Fix Error On Kodi

Are you consistently facing or error consistently on your home screen while streaming your Kodi? Are you here to get relieved from this annoying error? If yes; just stay connected with this guide to get a perfect solution for the same. Before starting up with the solution lets’ make a small introduction with or so that you could know better about it.

What is and why does it occur? or is actually one of the leading video hosting companies; that is being used by various video hosting servers. The arrival of issues related to these hosting platforms is a clear indication that your device is currently failing to build up a strong pair with it. Unauthorized streaming to this web host further leads to the arrival of on your home screen.

How to fix issue?

We are here going to introduce different solutions to deal with errors like You can easily choose the one depending upon your preferences.

Solution 1: Direct Authorization

  • Launch your web browser and then enter URL: in the provided Kodi error popup window.
  • Once done; now tap on the Activate streaming button that will further lead you towards the appearance of the message showing “Your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours.”
  • Fill in the provided captcha very carefully if you are being asked about the same before tapping on the Activate Streaming button.
  • Once done; you will be free to enjoy all of your favourite shows for 4 hours. Users have to reauthorize the streaming again after the completion of four hours.

Solution 2: Disable Hosters with Captcha

  • Launch your Kodi and then make a right-click on the addon section.
  • Select the Settings option and go to the Playback menu option.
  • Tap on the Hosters with the Captcha option and then disable it.
  • Once done; you will be able to stream out your favourite movie completely. One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that you really need to apply these settings for each and every movie addon you are willing to stream separately; so better be prepared with that.

Solution 3: Configure URL Resolver

If disabling hosters with captchas don’t have come as a better option for you; you can configure URL resolver to get a simplified solution for the same. It is actually the best way that you can block some of the provider’s sites with captcha. It is a onetime process and hence going to provide you with a sure shot solution for your problems. The only thing that you have to do here for configuring the URL resolver is:

  • Launch Kodi and go to the Settings option of it.
  • Move ahead with the System Settings option and then change the mode to “Expert mode” section.
  • Go to the Addon menu option and once done select Manage Dependencies for the further process.
  • Just select URL Resolver from the list being provided to you and once you found it; select Configure to proceed further.
  • You can easily find all the hosters under Resolvers 1 to Resolvers # in a well defined alphabetical order.
  • Just select any hosters with captcha and disable it.
  • Once you have disabled all the hosters with captcha; you can seamlessly get access to your Kodi without facing any issues further.


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