(Officially) https://thevideo.me/pair Error On Kodi (3 Methods)

Are you using Firestick Kodi for streaming out online? Are you facing thevideo.me/pair error on your device? If you are going to answer YES, for these questions, go through the guide given below to enjoy the best solution over here.

While accessing a source, one of the worst things that no one surely wants to have our error. Among plenty of errors being occurring there on a regular basis on Kodi thevideo.me/pair is the one that irritates the most.

You will get to know here the best solution to deal with this issue here but before proceeding with it, let’s have a look what exactly thevideo.me is.

Errors are usually frustrating and especially when it creates a disturbance while streaming to your favourite content. One surely needs to find out a perfect solution to deal with these issues.

Thevideo.me/pair is generally a Kodi error that interrupts your streaming experience and makes it a frustrating one. It is very evident to find out the main cause of the issue first before proceeding further with the solutions so that you can get the better one.

To deal with issue thevideo.me/pair one need to pair up your IP address with thevideo.me and to make that easy happening we have come up with the various solutions here. Just check out all and choose the one that matches your preferences well.

What is thevideo.me

The Kodi addon scrap videos are usually being hosted by the server from one of the leading video hosting companies of the world i.e. thevideo.me and vidup.me. This video server includes thousands of video files over there to access on. Sometimes the involvement of too much of users and their requests at the same time on the same server causes some issues in the access that further leads to the crashing of these servers. To make the user experience much smoother, users are being asked to pair their devices with thevideo.me and vidup.me web servers.

How to fix thevideo.me/pair on Kodi?

Facing thevideo.me/pair error while accessing Kodi on Firestick?

Here are the three best solutions for you. Before starting up with the part of the solution, we prefer you to create a secure backup to your device and also don’t forget to use a VPN service on it to make your access secure one.

Solution 1: Pair up your IP address with thevideo.me

It is one of the easiest methods to deal with error thevideo.me. You just have to pair up your IP address with thevideo.me. To enable it all you have to do is:

  • Launch your web browser and then add the dedicated URL i.e. http://thevideo.me/pair in the provided column. If you failed to open up the URL you can connect the other device to the same IP address.

thevideo.me/pair kodi authorization

  • Please make sure that you are having both of the devices on the same internet connection.
  • Tap on the Active Streaming process to go further with the process.

Vidup me pair

  • Now, a pop-up message will be flashed up on your home screen showing “your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours”.
  • Make sure to have a suitable VPN service on your device so that your actual IP address can remain hidden throughout.

Solution 2: Disable Hosters with Captcha

If you are willing to prevent the streaming authorization, disabling hosters with captcha is another leading solution to go along with. For enabling it you have to add some changes into the addon settings of your device.

  • Launch Kodi from your device and then move ahead with the navigation bar.
  • Proceed with the number of options being available there and then tap on Addons section there.
  • Select the addon as per your preferences and then search for the option of Tools over there.
  • Tap on the Tools section.
  • Press on the Settings: Providers section to go further with the content.
  • Now look for the option of Hosters with Captchas option at the bottom of your screen and then tap on it.
  • The related Window will launch on your home screen. Just turn it off and then press OK to confirm the changes added.
  • Error thevideo.me/pair will surely have been removed from your device now.

Solution 3: URL Resolver Configuration

If you already have tried up with both of the above-mentioned solutions and still don’t have to find the perfect solution to deal with thevideo.me/pair issue, configure your URL resolver to make it perfectly happening. It is one process that offers a permanent solution for this annoying error. All you have to do here is:

  • Launch Kodi on your Firestick and then move ahead with the Settings option.
  • Search and select the System Settings options from the provided results.
  • Once completed with this, now select and alter the Standard Mode here to the Expert Mode.
  • Locate and go with the Add-on menu option and then make a selection of Manage Dependencies over there.
  • Once done, a list showing up various options will be flashed up on your home screen. Locate and select ResolveURL from there.
  • Look for the option of Configure in the ResolveURL tab and tap on it to proceed further with the process.
  • List of different Resolvers will be flashed up on your home screen. You can easily make a selection of any of the provided above.
  • Once you have done with all the changes, tap on Enable option to ensure the configuration of URL Resolver.
  • Bingo! Thevideo.me/pair error will surely have been removed from your device now.


So Guys! It was all about the different solutions for error the video.me/pair. Thevideo.me is one of the leading hosting companies of the world that are being used by thousands of streaming sources these days.

Consistent loading requests sometimes leads to the lagging issues on your streaming sources. One can easily pair up their IP addresses with this web hosting company to resolve the issue permanently from their device.

We have mentioned you above the three different methods to get authorization to thevideo.me. Just go through solutions and get the one that suits your preferences well.